Join America’s Fertilizer Professionals
at “The Southwest” in San Antonio
July 14-18, 2018

The association’s leadership continues to seek methods to improve the conference. Here are some items worth noting:

The 2017 conference in San Antonio was again successful on all accounts. Here are some highlights:

  • Member attendance was the highest in its history at 1,641, with a total attendance (including spouses) of 1,773
  • 168 company meeting sites were reserved.
  • 812 companies were represented.
  • Participants from 23 countries were in attendance.

Everyone is there, because everyone is there!

America’s fertilizer businesses are part of a multi-billion dollar industry that provides farmers with the nutrients necessary for them to produce crops to meet the world's demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel. These nutrients include phosphorus, nitrogen and other essential elements that promote the health and sustainability of the soil.

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