Suites, Meeting Rooms & Meeting Modules

Suite / Meeting Room / Meeting Module assignments are based on past involvement with the conference. Recent past suite-holders are ranked in order of their past history and notified in groups of 20 of the types of suites that are available. The notification process begins in January of each year. Assignments are confirmed immediately at the time of request.

Meeting Modules

All suites and meeting rooms have been reserved at this time. However, 38 temporary meeting rooms will be built in the Tiefel Room (hotel ballroom) which is the general meeting location for the conference. If desired, module holders are allowed to place signage on the outside wall of their meeting space and design the interior of the room however desired. It is important to note that both receptions are held in that room, increasing exposure. The rental is $1,500 for three days (Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday). Rental includes tables and chairs, refreshments, internet and electricity. Contact the SWFC office ( to reserve a modular meeting room.